I am Ali Gail Southerland

Why are you here? What brought you to my little corner of the internet? 

You are tired of making do and are ready to make it the best. 

Perhaps you are trying to make sure that you give your kids the very best education possible.

Maybe you have reached your breaking point with money. 

Or you are tired of fighting with your kids every day. 

Those places are familiar to me. #beentheredonethat I want to help you overcome those battles.

I know how draining these struggles are. How they affect every minute of your everyday life. I know how defeated you feel when you look at the life you are living, and you realize somehow, somewhere it all went off track. Somewhere you got stuck on survival mode.

Obviously, I am and have had, my share of living on survival mode. And I am ready to quit surviving and start thriving.

I believe everyone holds immense power and strength of will inside them. We deserve to use that power to make our lives peaceful, abundant and filled with an intimate connection with our kids. 

We can’t do it alone though. We all have weaknesses. We all have a need to learn new ideas and refine our old ideas. 

That’s what I am here for.

First, I want to teach moms how to be confident in their ability to teach their kids. I want to provide a place for moms to learn the best strategies for teaching logic, reason, math, and science.

At 16, I left home to attended the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts, a boarding school for gifted kids.

Despite being a junior in high school, I completed college classes and participated in some pretty awesome scientific research. It was there I learned the basics of logic, reasoning, the forgotten half of the scientific method, and the importance of math and science literacy.

Second, money is the biggest stress in most of our lives. I want to teach women to take control of their money and create a financial life where they can live in peace. 

Money management isn’t something that comes naturally. Education really does make a difference.

After years of bad money habits, I realized that I was instilling those bad habits on my kids. And worse than that, I realized that money-related stress was one of the most intimidating obstacles preventing me from connecting with my kids.

Anxiety was keeping me a bit locked up around my kids. Obsessing over how I was going to afford the next thing we’d need distracted me, stealing my presence around my kids. It was kinda like I was a zombie.

Last, that lack of connection with my kids produced behavioral problems. Problems that no matter what we tried, our kids kept seeking attention, even it if was undesirable attention.

Only after I learned about child development was I able to decipher what my children really needed.

I searched until I found methods and practical skills that gave my children the kind of attention they needed.

Our home is a completely different place. And I know how you can change small changes and make a big difference in your relationships with your kids.

I’m bringing you eye-opening insights into how kids think and why they do certain things. And I want to show you how to work with your kids instead of against them.

I am giving you the practical tools, too, so that your home is a relatively peaceful place (I have 5 kids, so quiet isn’t a thing here!). So that you can relax and recharge yourself.

I am going to help you build a life that brings you love, peace, and joy. One where home is a place you love to be, that recharges you instead of overwhelms you.

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