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Cheap Dinner Ideas for Families

These cheap dinner ideas for families will help you save money and time. 

Benefits of Cheap Dinner Meals

The cheapest food products are nonorganic fruits, veggies, and grains. 

By focusing on buying these products, you can easily save a ton of money without sacrificing taste or nutrition. 

But I know there is a lot of misinformation about how exactly we should buy and store those types of food. 

Below I go over a few food myths that eat into your wallet.

Organic vs. Conventional

cheap dinner ideas for families
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There is very little data that supports eating organic for health reasons. And that means that we can’t conclude whether organic is superior for health reasons. 

We know that there is little difference between the nutrition of organic and conventionally grown produce.  

So I suggest eating conventionally grown food when trying to save money. 

Canned vs. Frozen vs. Fresh

What about how you store your food? 

Websites that push vegan agendas talk about “fresh, whole food, plant-based diets.” 

They emphasize buying fresh produce that has not been processed in any way. So no frozen or canned veggies. 

But is fresh produce better than canned or frozen?

No. As soon as we pick fruit or veggies, they start using stored nutrients to continue their biological processes (aka live.). And the longer that fresh produce sits, the more nutrients it uses. 

Plus, the different kinds of nutrients degrade at different rates. 

When we freeze foods, they are picked then frozen quickly, effectively sealing in the nutrients. 

And when we can food, we expose them to heat, which breaks down certain nutrients and preserves others.  

The takeaway from this is that you shouldn’t be afraid to use all 3 types of food storage ideas.

If you have no idea how to meal prep, here is my fantastic introduction to meal prep

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Cheap Dinner Ideas for Families

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