homeschool field trip ideas

Homeschool Field Trip Ideas: Frugal Things to Do

Homeschool field trip ideas often seem complicated and expensive. I don’t have the ability to take my kids to France when we are studying the French Revolution (but #goals, right?!).

But I am still dedicated to getting my kids out to experience the real world. To show them that what we learn isn’t isolated to a text book. And I do it on the cheap.



Homeschool Field Trip Ideas in Your Local Community

homeschool field trip ideas
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The first place you need to look for field trips is your community. My local police station, fire department, and even local businesses are always open to show kids around and how things work.

You should always call ahead and see if they have special times for kids to come in, but I have never had trouble making an appointment!

State and National Parks

First, these National and State Parks often do free demonstrations for groups of all ages.

Things like what place bugs have in the ecosystem and eating chocolate-covered crickets. We have shot blow darts and learned about native fowl species. Dressed in camouflage and played a wicked hide and seek.

To find these attractions, you can click here to check out a directory!

Tourist Guides

Most states have tons of free or cheap local history museums and tourist attractions! To find them, check out your city’s (or the city closest to you) tourist guides.

I picked up a free copy of my state’s tourist books that outlined each attraction, its amenities, its schedule, and what costs money. And these books also detail local history museums in my state and their admission fees. 

Game and Fish Commission 

Next, you can also contact your state’s Game and Fish Commission (or wildlife organization). This is the organization that oversees hunting, fishing, and other outdoor sports.

They provide programs that get kids into the outdoors and maintain several free museums dedicated to the native fauna and flora of Arkansas.

These are free to enter and let you go on self-guided tours and do things like scavenger hunts that teach the kids about zoology. Some have movie theaters, do arts and crafts, and a variety of other activities geared to kids of all ages.

State-Funded Historical Museums 

Arkansas has several museums throughout the state dedicated to native flora and fauna that have free admission and conduct all sorts of programs like free fishing weekends, tours of fish hatcheries, and nature centers where you can do activities like scavenger hunts. 

Colleges and Universities

Next, seek out colleges and universities near you. They often have public nights to showcase their work in science and theater. 

I am lucky to live in a town with 3 colleges. One is very involved in the community with free children’s plays, astronomy nights where you can look through the large telescope, free planetarium shows, and free cooking classes for kids.

Celestial Events

There are fun, predictable celestial events like the Perseids meteor shower. Even for those spread out quite a bit like the 2017 eclipse, there is usually plenty of press beforehand.

We have driven just outside of town to look through our telescope several times. Staying up late, making space art, and reading space books!


Homeschool field trip ideas don’t have to cost a lot of money or take you to exotic places. You can discover the world without breaking the bank. And it’s never too early to start teaching kids the value of frugality!

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