how to quit overspending financial fortitude

How to Stop Overspending: Financial Fortitude

How to stop overspending?

Financial Fortitude is a term that both satisfies and endlessly frustrates me.

When I have financial fortitude, I feel great about myself. I know I am strong and that I am securing a great future for my family.

When I don’t have financial fortitude, I am frustrated with myself.

how to quit overspending
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What is Financial Fortitude?

Fortitude is the ability to be strong even when tempted or to go on through pain.

Financial fortitude is sticking to your financial plan or budget when you are tempted to overspend.

I know that I personally have 2 big triggers when it comes to financial fortitude.

First is on bad days, when I am tired and hungry and just want to get my kids in bed with the least amount of resistance.

I almost always get dinner out on those nights.

Second is when something exciting has happened, I feel elated and want to celebrate.

I almost get some kind of fun toy for my kids on those days.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to say either action is improper.

How to have Financial Fortitude and How to Quit Overspending

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Eating out can be a part of your budget, and so can fun surprises.

When those actions, and any other actions, are not PLANNED FOR and stress your budget, the problem arises.

And you may have different triggers and reactions to them.

The key to developing financial fortitude is to figure out what your triggers are, avoid them, and do your best to resist them when you can’t avoid them.

When you recognize that you feel a strong pull to spend money because of an outside factor out of your control, you can more easily resist it.

Last, financial fortitude is a muscle. You must flex it and work it out. It will not be easy or overnight. Just start working it out!

Financial fortitude is what keeps you inside the fence when the grass looks greener on the other side. Financial fortitude is how you quit overspending.

Not sure where to start getting your financial life together? Start here!

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