kids and side hustles

Kids and Side Hustles

So, kids and side hustles.

They want to be included. Should you?

Haven’t picked a side hustle yet? This will help you.

Can you include kids in your side hustle?

Yes, you absolutely can. How kids are involved depends on the side hustle and their age and capabilities. 

When I was small, my family mind quartz crystals on the weekends, and my mother sold them from our front yard throughout the week. 

Even though I was too small to do any of the heavy work, I went along each weekend. First, I would play while my father and older siblings dug. Then I would help wash and arrange the crystals for sale. And I never failed to enjoy a bulldozer ride. 

How can kids help?

As I said before, you will have to be creative when thinking about including your kids in the side hustle. 

Older kids can help with baking and packaging in a cottage foods business to taking calls and making appointments in a cleaning business (even with the cleaning!). 

Younger kids can undoubtedly help with prep work, packaging, putting away supplies, or even just be there while you’re working (if the situation allows).

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Should your kids help?

This is really only a question you can answer. 

The work may not be within their skill level or their schedule. 

Some parents don’t believe in giving their kids too much responsibility. 

However, I believe there can be many benefits of including your kids in your side hustle. 

First, they will learn a strong work ethic and benefit from your example. It can be a character-building exercise. 

Second, they can learn valuable people skills and practical skills like cleaning. Some skills are very marketable, like furniture restoration or party planning. 

Third, they can see how a business is run firsthand. The firsthand experience will help your kids know whether they want to continue doing that business as an adult. 

The key is balance. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

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Kids and Side Hustles: Conclusion

The beauty of a side hustle is that it can be both a way to take much-needed me-time or a way to steal some extra moments with your kids. It can be the thing that lifts you out of stress and brings you together. 

So tell me, what do you think? Should kids be included in your side hustle? 

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