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The SMBX Review

The SMBX is a revolutionary platform for first-time, amateur, or seasoned investors to help small businesses grow. 

Satisfied customers make the best investors, and that is the fantastic thing about SMBX. It gives power to the community by raising local capital. 

I will tell you everything you need to know to determine whether The SMBX is a good investment platform for you.

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What is The SMBX?

The SMBX is a platform that lets you buy small business bonds that pay you back monthly. So it is basically like you making a loan to a small business. 

These businesses are already up and running. However, they need capital for expansion, improving equipment, or hiring more employees. 

Is it legit?

Yes. The SMBX is regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as a funding portal. FINRA writes and enforces rules, with authority given by Congress, to protect and educate investors. And they turn in anyone breaking the law to the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

The SMBX ensures the bonds you are buying legitimate and protect both the companies’ interests and the investors.

However, the bonds are unique to The SMBX, so you can only sell them under certain conditions, and there is no guarantee you can sell them at any time. This type of investment is considered high risk for those who may need quick liquidation of assets. 

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Why buy bonds?

Bonds are stable. They are classed as an income asset, and their income is predictable. This is different than a stock because stocks get their value from the demand on the stock market. That means your income fluctuates based on how well the company is doing.

Why Do Companies Sell Bonds on The SMBX?

Companies choose to sell bonds because it lets them raise capital from those that interact with their product. These people know the product is worthy of investment and are excited to help those businesses grow. 

Does The SMBX screen the companies? 

Yes. The SMBX performs background checks on all the people involved to ensure everyone follows financial regulations and protects the investors. 

How Does it Work

Overall, it’s pretty simple. 

You simply set up an account, connect your bank account, and then you are ready to start buying bonds! 

The actual process is a little more complicated than that, but I will summarize the best possible. 

Each company sets an offering period, usually several weeks. During this period, people can buy bonds. The capital sits in an escrow account until the offering period ends and the following settlement term, usually 5 -10 days. You will also get a PDF copy of the bonds you hold.

Then company stops selling bonds and must start paying dividends. You can withdraw your funds once you have reached $10. 

Can I cancel my transactions?

Yes, before the offering period ends. The company may also decide to withdraw its bonds at any time. In that case, The SMBX will refund you. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Investing is always free. The SMBX does charge the companies a 3.5% fee on any funds raised. 

My Personal Experience

I don’t have much to write here yet. Signing up, linking my bank account, and buying my first bonds took about 5 minutes. No glitches, even though my bank is a small local bank.  

My offering period doesn’t close for a few more weeks, and I will update then. Please leave me any questions you have!

Update: 10/4/21

I promptly got an email with my bond certificate. I won’t show you my actual certificate, but here is a copy of the email.

smbx bond certificate

And each month, I get a reminder that I have been paid.

smbx payment reminder

Overall Opinion on the SMBX

I have been delighted with the affordability and consumer experience with my investments at the SMBX. I will invest more with them in the future.

Homeschool Money Mom and The SMBX partnered together to bring you this review. But, of course, all my opinions are my own.

Interested in seeing more about the SMBX? Please comment below!

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